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Pastor Installation Gifts
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Pastoral installation service is a special church service for a newly appointed minister. It is a unique occasion to confirm and celebrate the covenant between a Christian church and a newly called pastor and teacher. It acknowledges the pastor’s responsibilities. It reminds the congregation of their duty to follow their new pastor’s lead. 

A Pastor’s installation service is an important event for both the pastor and his or her congregation. A personalized pastor installation gift gives a warm welcome to the new pastor and shows great support from the congregation. Here are some unique gift ideas to commemorate such a memorable occasion and offer blessings & prayers over the new pastor.

To honor the occasion of installation, the gift must parallel the divine rite being celebrated. Don’t just choose any present to mark the ceremony. When sifting through installation gift ideas, think beyond the obvious. You want to choose an installation gift that embodies a degree of faithful elegance. At the same time, you don’t want to choose something impersonal. Making a gift unique, styling it particularly for the honoree is an important consideration as well.

Topmost Awards afford you varieties of crystal plaques, trophies and awards to celebrate this special day. All of our crystal Pastor Installation Gifts can be customized by your needs to show your highly respect and congratulation for the pastor’s installation.