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Excellent Employee Awards System
- Jun 19, 2017 -

First, the Employee Awards Order: In order to encourage employees to keep making progress, express the company's outstanding performance of the staff affirmed, reflecting the company's human management, the development of the system.

Second, the Employee Awards Scope: The system applies to the head office, the branch has signed all the labor contracts and has been positive staff.

Third, the principle of staff: 1, comprehensive assessment, preferred recommendation principle; 2, equal treatment, the principle of equal treatment; 3, fair, open, transparent principle;

1, the selection criteria: 1, in the sector for more than 1 month of staff (not including probationary period); 2, there are exchange department staff, if the new department participation must meet in the new department work for a month; 3, in the department within the work performance, business level, ability to work, speech and manners, instrumentation, teamwork and other aspects of the staff;

Second, set the categories: 1, the monthly outstanding Employee Awards (3)

Third, the selection process:

(1) monthly outstanding Employee Awards: 1, 15-20 months every month, the departments to submit the list of outstanding staff of this sector; 2, 20-25 per month, the Human Resources Department announced the list of candidates, employees secret ballot; 26, 28 per month, the Human Resources Department announced the monthly list of outstanding staff and the number of votes; 4, the monthly excellent staff photos published in the staff wall to commemorate; 5, about 5 per month, the release of outstanding staff bonuses;

(2) the annual outstanding Employee Awards: 1, every year from December 1 to 10, the departments to submit the list of outstanding staff of this sector;

Fourth, the reward criteria: the company will give excellent staff certain material incentives,

5, Employee Awards supervision measures: 1, in order to ensure the fairness of the Employee Awards selection, secret ballot limit once per person, the monthly selection of each vote limited to three, the annual selection of each vote limited to four, such as the discovery of candidates The number of votes more than the normal number, the human resources department has the right to cancel the candidate qualification; 2, the departments shall not recommend personnel for the department to pull votes, once found human resources department immediately cancel the candidate qualification and retain the right to criticize; 3, all the staff have the right to supervise the selection process, such as the timely detection of human resources to solve the problem; 5, the Ministry of Human Resources will be the staff of the selection of the staff, The selection of the ballot box, the staff within the specified time to write the votes on the department and their own recognition of the list of candidates, into the ballot box, overdue voters, as a voluntary abstention; 6, the Ministry of Human Resources will vote on candidates Open tickets, any employee has the right to supervise the draft, and the results questioned, the Ministry of Human Resources will be confrontation Suspicious votes to re - vote;