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Crystal Glass
- Jul 17, 2018 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, the country has become popular with crystal heat. Chanel, Dior and other famous fashions are also decorated with Swaroski crystal. Crystals contain lots of areas: from jewelry, decorations and displays to shoes, hats, watches and clocks.

Some well-known architectural glass companies abroad also produce crystal flat glass and crystal glass architectural products, which are applied in high-end buildings. Abroad, the Crystal Club has appeared very early, and there are a large number of crystal fans. There are also cities, towns and towns that specialize in crystal glass processing, such as Crystal City and Crystal Palace.

However, at present, non-academic newspapers and periodicals, websites, corporate promotional materials, etc., called crystal. According to the Chinese translation in the dictionary, they are not quartz crystals. They are not quartz crystals in some crystal cities either. K9 optical glass used in crystal crafts, crystal glass is only crystal glass.